The B2S Group is an international full-service consultancy firm that operates at the intersection of business and sports.

Who we are

Qualified sports business professionals

35 years of combined legal and business experience
Vast network in sports business
Experts in tax and sports law
Strategic affiliations with Hasselt and Brussels University

Sportsmanship – represents the quality of showing fairness, respect, and generosity toward the opposing team, player or business and for the sport itself when competing. This means for us that honesty and transparency are paramount.

Professionalism – for us this refers to the standards, views and behaviour of anyone who engages in an activity. It is the combination of all the qualities that we exhibit and look for in our clients. Professionalism is the defined qualities that relate to trained and skilled people.

We serve all stakeholders in the sports business


B2S Group is the perfect partner in sports buisness

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